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The JOIN4ATMP project aims to accelerate and de-risk European ATMP development and ensure wide-spread access of ATMPs, through the mapping of obstacles to such development, the audit of real-world-based solutions and the definition of new paths forward.


VHIO - Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology

The Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO) is a reference centre for personalized medicine in oncology created in 2006 which embraces a translational, multidisciplinary and collaborative research model with more than 600 professionals and 31 research groups, both clinical and translational. VHIO is part of an hospital campus and this environment allows VHIO research groups direct access to patients and unique research infrastructures, facilitating the translation of scientific outcomes into more efficient, targeted treatments and better patient care practice. At VHIO more than 1500 patients are enrolled each year in over 700 open clinical trials. 50% of the clinical trials are early-phase studies, and our teams have contributed to 40 new drug indications. At VHIO we envision internalization through collaboration for this reason we participate in more than 40 international consortia, collaborations, and alliances of excellence in oncology led or co-led by VHIO investigators.

Role within JOIN4ATMP

VHIO leads WP3 “Streamlining clinical ATMP development: From early phases to marketing authorization” and task 5.1 “Mapping regulatory knowledge and perceived hurdles to ATMP trial initiation by academic and SME Developers” whithin WP5 “Increasing ATMP regulatory awareness in producers and ATMP acceptance in patients and healthcare professionals”. VHIO team is also involved in WP1 “How to increase the predictability of preclinical safety and efficacy data”, WP2 “Road to standardized Good Manufacturing Practice ATMP production across the EU” and WP4 “New frameworks for value assessment, pricing and reimbursement schemes”.

Main contact(s)

Photo of Silvia Martín Lluesma

Silvia Martín Lluesma

Director of the Advanced Therapies Program at VHIO

Photo of Alba López Rioja

Alba López Rioja

Scientific Manager

Photo of Alena Gros

Alena Gros

Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy Group Leader

Photo of Macarena Román

Macarena Román

PhD student

Photo of Immaculada Creus

Immaculada Creus

Lab Technician

Photo of Elena Garralda

Elena Garralda

Director of the Research Unit for Molecular Therapy of Cancer and Early Clinical Drug Development Group Leader

Photo of Vladimir Galvao

Vladimir Galvao

Phase I Clinical Investigator

Photo of Julia Lostes

Julia Lostes

Phase I Clinical Investigator

Photo of Edurne Mugarza

Edurne Mugarza

Scientific Manager, WP3 member